Protecting Yourself When Cleaning Your Home

When you return to your home after a flood, it is best to clean your home as soon as possible.  This will help protect your health and prevent further damage to your home.

When cleaning:

  • Turn off the power. If the water rose above electrical outlets or the service panel, have your local power company disconnect power to your home. You’ll need to have your wiring inspected to see what needs to be replaced before power is turned back on.
  • Wear protective clothing:
    • rubber boots
    • waterproof gloves
    • face masks if cleanup involves sewage.
  • Recommended cleanup equipment:
    • pails and mops
    • garbage bags
    • detergent
    • large containers for water soaked bedding, clothes and linens
    • clothesline

Avoid direct skin contact with contaminated material. Practice good personal hygiene (i.e. wash hands before eating or smoking) and change outer clothing before entering a "clean" residence.