Drinking Water


The  management  of  drinking  water  is  the  shared responsibility of all levels of government. Community governments   are   responsible  for   operating  and maintaining Water Treatment Plants (WTPs). The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) is responsible for the regulation of water supply systems  providing certification training  and  support  to  WTP  operators   and  for  working collaboratively  with stakeholders to implement the NWT  Water  Stewardship  Strategy.   The  GNWT  also inspects  WTPs  and  reviews water  quality  data  from communities to ensure the treated water is safe.


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Environmental Health Officers ensure the safety of community drinking water under the direction of the NWT’s Chief Public Health Officer. All water supply systems are checked to ensure compliance with the Water Supply System Regulations under the Public Health Act.  Water is tested for bacteria and chemicals like lead. Chlorine, which keeps water safe, must have its levels monitored.


All complaints are investigated to ensure the safety of drinking water.

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