HSS Legislation

This list of legislation is intended to indicate the scope of legislation the Department of Health and Social Services is mandated to implement and monitor.  Please note that this list is not a comprehensive list of all legislation affecting the delivery of health and social services.  The list does not reference other applicable territorial and federal legislation or regulations. For policies, please visit

Aboriginal Custom Adoption Recognition Act  (PDF)

Adoption Act (PDF)

Change of Name Act (PDF - 81 KB)

Child and Family Services Act (PDF)

Dental Auxiliaries Act (PDF)

Dental Mechanics Act (PDF)

Dental Profession Act (PDF)

Emergency Medical Aid Act (PDF)

Guardianship and Trusteeship Act (PDF)

Health Information Act (PDF)

Hospital Insurance and Health and Social Services Administration Act (PDF)

Human Tissue Act(PDF)

Intercountry Adoption (Hague Convention) Act (PDF)

Licensed Practical Nurses Act (PDF)

Marriage Act (PDF)

Medical Care Act (PDF)

Medical Profession Act (PDF)

Mental Health Act (PDF)

Midwifery Profession Act (PDF)

Nursing Profession Act (PDF)

Ophthalmic Medical Assistant Act (PDF)

Optometry Act (PDF)

Personal Directives Act (PDF)

Pharmacy Act (PDF)

Psychologists Act (PDF)

Public Health Act (PDF)

Social Work Profession Act (PDF)

Tobacco Control Act (PDF)

Veterinary Profession Act (PDF)

Vital Statistics Act (PDF)