Treatment options for addictions


Two types of treatment programs are available:

  • Community-based (outpatient)  and
  • Residential (inpatient). 

Outpatient programs include counselling, day programs and group therapy for residents in the community.  Outpatient programs allow participants to continue with their daily lives.

Community based outpatient programs provide education and relapse prevention such as cognitive behavioural skills, motivational skills, and harm reduction.  Contact your local Community Counselling Program to learn more about programs available in your community.

Inpatient programs are residential treatment centres where participants ‘live in’.  Participants move into the centre for a specified length of time, during which they receive intensive therapies to address addictions issues.  

Approved residential treatment centres are located in southern Canada.  Given our geography and small population in the Northwest Territories, southern referrals are necessary to ensure specialized residential treatment centres meet the needs of adults.  The Government of the Northwest Territories works closely with approved centres in Alberta and British Columbia to help people choose the most appropriate treatment program.

To begin the referral process, contact your Counsellor, Community Wellness Worker, Nurse, or Doctor in your community or region.


Other Resources

Community wellness is also a priority for communities.  Communities have created community wellness plans that will support the goal of improving community health outcomes related to mental health and addictions.  For more information on the community wellness plan in your community contact your local Band or Hamlet office.