What is the Community Counselling Program?


This program helps people deal with a variety of issues including mental health issues, addictions and family violence.  Counselling services are available free-of-charge to every NWT resident, in every region.

The program is staffed by Mental Health and Addiction Counsellors and Community Wellness Workers who:

  • Help to determine client needs and develop a treatment plan;
  • Assess a client’s readiness for treatment;
  • Provide referrals or access to other services that best fit the individual needs (i.e. community-based treatment, counselling, residential addictions treatment);
  • Support the development of skills to cope with stress and prevent relapse;
  • Educate about communication and problem-solving skills;
  • Provide support to build self confidence and self-esteem; and

Provide aftercare support when individuals return to the communities after residential addictions treatment.