NWT Residential Treatment Options for Addictions


There are a number of options for residents of the Northwest Territories seeking help for addictions. Begin by arranging an appointment with your local Community Counselling Program, Community Wellness Worker or Addiction Counsellor.  Your local resource can discuss the range of options, available from counselling in your community to residential treatment.   

The Department is in the process of entering agreements with residential treatment facilities in Alberta and British Columbia.  To date, a facility in Alberta has been approved and one in British Columbia has been approved specifically for individuals with opiate addictions. These facilities have been carefully selected to ensure that residents receive the best care and opportunity for recovery and support.   The options of co-ed and gender-specific care, culture and a longer treatment phase are also considered when approving facilities.  Options for care means individuals can choose the facility that is the best fit for their recovery.  

Current approved facilities are:

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