Poundmaker’s Lodge Treatment Centre

Poundmaker’s Lodge Treatment Centre, is a co-ed addiction treatment centre in St. Albert, Alberta (near Edmonton). Established in 1973, Poundmaker’s Lodge is a leader in the provincial, national and global addiction treatment community.  Through concepts based in the traditions, cultural and spiritual beliefs of First Nations peoples in combination with 12-Step, abstinence-based recovery, Poundmaker’s Lodge offers a holistic treatment experience that focuses on the root causes of addiction and empowers people in their recovery. 


  • 42-day treatment program with the ability to extend for 14-days
  • 14 day follow-up program
  • Weekly intakes
  • Psychologist on site to provide oversight and assessment
  • Clientele includes First Nations, Inuit, non-Aboriginal
  • Elders are involved in the support program.

St. Albert, Alberta

Phone: (780) 458-1884

Fax: (780) 459-1876

CO-ED Treatment Centre
42-Day Program
Weekly intake to program
Age – Adults 18 +
Admission process – application and medical