“What will it take?”

The Department of Health and Social Services, in collaboration with the NWT Coalition Against Family Violence, has developed a social marketing campaign aimed at changing attitudes and beliefs about family violence. The campaign is entitled “What Will It Take?” and is geared towards bystanders - people who witness family violence. When people are bystanders to family violence they often have an opportunity to step up and make a positive difference but aren’t sure what to do.    This campaign is designed to give the public the confidence and skills they need to respond to situations of family violence.



“What will it take?” Workshop:

The “What will it take?” workshop is aimed at empowering NWT residents to help reduce family violence and make their communities safer. This workshop is designed to build awareness, sensitize audiences, and provides in-depth information on being an active bystander and allows participants time to practice the skills they could need.


Topics covered include:

  • Specific warning signs of family violence;
  • Key beliefs about family violence;
  • How “bystanders” can make a difference and help reduce family violence;
  • The role of the RCMP in reducing family violence and its impact on victims;
  • What other northerners have to say about how they addressed family violence in their own lives or communities;
  • Learn how to use a simple “SEE, NAME, DO” tool assess potential bystander intervention situations; and
  • Apply what has been learned to practice situations that involve family violence situations acted out by Northern actors.


A “What will it take?” workshop toolkit is available in a complete ready to use package. Each package includes a DVD that features NWT residents talking about what it is going to take to reduce family violence, a facilitator’s guide equipped with facilitator’s script, workshop activities, handouts and evaluation forms.


If you are interested in facilitating a “What will it take?” workshop, please email Family Violence Prevention Consultant at

Social Services